Bonjour, *Fleur de Lis & Eiffel Tower Fans.  Flaunt your symbolic icons in style.  Fleur de Lis is our founder's & celebs' fave... (Top left pix is Gretchen of "Housewives of OC" with our founder.)  Fashion FLEXY®s:  Fashionable soft, elastic ribbon hair ties flex to fasten your hair into perfect pony and headband form. Gentle... Won't dent, damage or rip hair... Easy to keep "on hand" as wrist-worthy bracelets.
Hair Tie/Bracelets , Headbands & Waist Ties... Secured with a chic bow knot that lies flat.  Treated on ends to delay fraying.  Most sets below festooned with one sweet-&-chic charm slider...  Hand-adorned with top-quality genuine Swarovski® crystals &/or are hand-painted.
Haute Things, Inc. jewelry is eco-friendly... Lead & cadmium-compliant.  Rhodium-plated for longevity & anti-tarnish.  Most collections include matching-themed hair tie/bracelets, headbands, earrings, necklaces & baubled bobbies.
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Each ensemble purchase receives our eco-friendly "See me grow!" plantable paper tags, embedded with wildflower seeds!
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Made in the USA
... Flaunt all day, from work-to-play... "Get your FLEXY® on!"  "When you're haute, you're hot!"
*HISTORY:  The Fleur de Lis (flower of the lily) is multi-symbolic with royalty, French/Italian influences & spirituality.  Some associate it with the Virgin Mary & holy trinity.  Understood to be stamped on Florence's original "florin" coins.  After King Louis's Fleur de Lis fetish, many French settlers immigrated to USA w/ their Fleurs in-tow.  Its presence on USA regional flags & coats of arms often stems from areas where the French settled.  I.e., Louisiana (New Orleans & Baton Rouge); St. Louis; Louisville; Quebec, etc.  On 7/9/08, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal signed a bill into law making it an official symbol of the state.  Following Hurricane Katrina, it has been widely used in New Orleans as a symbol of grassroots support for New Orleans' recoveryIt's also on the New Orleans Saints' jerseys & part of the Boy Scouts' emblem.  It's now a fashion icon.
The Eiffel Tower, named after its main contractor/engineer/architect, Gustave Eiffel, took about two years to build and was finished March 31, 1889.  Its original purpose was for the
entrance arch to the 1889 World's Fair.  It is the most prominent symbol of Paris and France.  (Source: