Tout your event, team or business on a FLEXY®. Print your message or logo in 1 to 4 colors. Bling out your customized FLEXY® w/ a sweet-&-chic charm slider -- to add a sparkling touch. Fashion FLEXYs® are multi-FUNctional, soft, elastic ribbons that flex to fasten your hair into perfect pony & headband form! So gentle. Won't wrinkle, rip or ruin your hair. Wrist-worthy... Easy to keep one "on hand" as bracelets & to tout your event (I.e., charity event, as shown at the American Cancer Society event photos above). For quote, please e-ml us at Subject: For-Your-Event-&-Business FLEXY® Lady. Minimum order of 25. Approximate pricing per FLEXY® Hair Tie/Bracelet: 1-color: $3; 2-color: $3.50; 3-color: $4; 4-color: $4.50. Plus set-up fee.  Discounts given for charity events.
Delivery time varies based upon quantity & delivery location.
Fashionably yours,
xo The FLEXY® Ladies
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USA... Flaunt all day, from work-to-play.
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