Your 4-Legged Friends will bow, wow and meow when they're rockin' their 4-Legged Friend FLEXYs®!  They'll never be tardy for the pawdy! Fashion FLEXY®s: Fashionable, soft, elastic ribbons flex to fasten your or your pet's hair into perfect pony, headband & bodyband form.  Easy to keep "on hand" or "on paw" as wrist-worthy bracelets.  Your or your pet's tank or tee goes from drab-to-fab when you tie-one-on as a tidy tie-back.
Hair Tie/Bracelets
and Headbands... Secured with a chic bow knot that lies flat.  Festooned with one sweet-&-chic charm slider...  Hand-adorned with top-quality genuine Swarovski® crystals and/or are hand-painted.  Haute Things, Inc. sliders and jewelry are eco-friendly...  Lead-free & cadmium-compliant.  Rhodium-plated for longevity & anti-tarnish.  Coming soon...  Matching-themed pet barrettes.  Shop for pet owners' hair tie/bracelets, headbands, earrings, necklaces and baubled bobbies.
Each collection purchase receives our eco-friendly "See me grow!" plantable paper tags, embedded with wildflower seeds
Click our About Us page for instructions.  Alert us at check-out, if this is a gift; we'll include our To: ___ From: ___ plantable paper gift tag! Made in the USA... Flaunt all day, from work-to-play... "Get your FLEXY® on!"