Holiday Haute & party-ready with festive Fashion FLEXY® Hair Ties (pony)/Bracelets, Headbands & Haute Things, Inc jewelry!  Our NEW Bling Star, Heart, Ball & Baby Bottle Ornaments make perfect party favors, gifts, stocking stuffers,... BLING BALL YouTube Video. We chose your fave Fashion FLEXY® FOXY Colors in solid colors, prints & Funky metallics to bling them out with our Charm Sliders -- Bows, Hearts, Snowflakes, Circles/Wreaths, Christmas, Hanukkah, Pumpkins,...  Or DIY: 1. Choose Charm Slider. 2. Choose FLEXY® Hair Tie or Headband color. 3. Slide on Charm Slider to create your own hair ties (pony)/bracelets or headbands.  Mix-&-match with our jewelry.
For dealios on charmless or charmed SETS, click "Collections" or "Shop" FLEXY® Sets Charmless, Hair Tie/Bracelet SetsHeadband SetsHair Tie-with-Headband Sets, etc.
Fashion FLEXY®s:  Fashion
able, soft, elastic ribbons flex to fasten your hair into perfect pony and headband form.  Gentle... Won't dent, damage or rip hair.  Easy to keep "on hand" as wrist-worthy bracelets.  Your tank or tee goes from drab-to-fab when you tie-one-on as a tidy tie-back.  Secured with a chic bow knot that lies flat... FLEXY® Width 411:  Unless specified, FLEXY®'s width is approximately 5/8" wide (regular) soft elastic blends.  Our swedgy Funky Metallic FLEXYs® range in "Skinny" (1/4-3/8"w); Regular (1/2-5/8"w) to "Fat" (3/4"w).

Made in USA... Flaunt all day, from work-to-play, swim, gym-to-runway, everyday... "Get your FLEXY® on!"