About Us, Our Hair Ties / Bracelets,...

by L Lopatic

Leezette, a PA native who currently resides in Southern CA (in "The OC”), is the founder and inventor of Fashion FLEXY® and Haute Things, Inc.™  Her debut product line offers haute, multi-FUNctional, "matching-themed" hair and fashion accessories.
After 11 years at her beloved pharmaceutical career, she was laid off, while on medical leave.  The Fashion FLEXY®/Haute Things, Inc. business started as a therapeutic hobby and has blossomed into an exciting business...

In June, 2011, she graduated from an Obama-funded "Micro Enterprise" class (for new businesses) offered by CAMEO (CA Association of Micro Enterprise Opportunity)  http://www.microbiz.org/annual-meeting-recap-and-more/ and Goodwill Industries of Orange County, CA. http://www.ocgoodwill.org/changing-lives/microenterprise.  With prayer & perseverance, laid-off people can bounce back, start new businesses and help stimulate our economy.

She hopes to inspire others, regardless if they are/not employed or suffer from disabilities to: 
Find your passionMake a difference.  Believe that all that happens in life is purpose-driven.

FLEXY® 411"Fashion FLEXY®" is the brand name of our multiFUNctional fashionable, FLEXible (stretchy and versatile) elastic hair ties/bracelets, headbands & waist ties...  Fashion FLEXYs® are soft, elastic ribbons that FLEX to fasten your hair into perfect pony & headband form...  Easy to keep "on hand" as wrist-worthy bracelets -- “hair ties/bracelets."  So gentle; FLEXYs® won't wrinkle, rip or ruin your hair.  Tie one on your shirt as a tidy tie-back.  Choose from 50+ solid "Foxy Colors," specialty-printed, custom-printed, stone-set or other "Funky" flexible-textured FLEXYs®.       

Fashion FLEXY® is part of the Haute Things, Inc™ family.  We also offer matching-themed Earrings, NecklacesRings, Baubled Bobbies (ornamental bobby pins/hair pins), and other “haute" accessories.  Most pieces retail from $2.00 to $34.00. 

                             "SHARK TANK" ABC TV Show ROUND TWO AUDITION YOUTUBE VIDEO

In 6/12, Leezette and her 19 year-old niece Sonya (our new Head Photographer) made it to the second round of auditions for Shark Tank (ABC TV show for inventors and business owners, who pitch their brand and/or company to "sharks"/investors.)  Click here: YouTube Video to watch to see her audition, USA factory and the full FLEXY® 411/Story about why and how she launched Fashion FLEXY® and Haute Things, Inc!  (NOTE:  We're proud of Sonya.  She rivals older, professional photographers.  Check out Sonya Lietta Photography Facebook Page & her corporate work on Tumblr and Pinterest.)

                                                                PRODUCT DETAILS

                                    100+ Sweet-&-Chic Charm Sliders & 25 Collections     


Slide on one or more of our 187+ patent-pending sweet-&-chic charm sliders to festoon your FLEXYs® to match your mood, personality & outfit.  The sliders are like prongless buckles... upscale bauble-like ornaments with flat, open bar(s) on the back.  Branded & dexterously-designed so your slider will lay flat against your FLEXY® and won't toggle back and forth...  Slide them on and off to festoon your shoulder straps, scarves, shoe laces, key chains, wedding or gift invitations, too...  Young girls-to-grandmothers will adore our adorable array.

Our Collections are themed... From "Fun" (owls; anchors; turtles; flowers; crowns; cup cakes; candy; lollipops; butterflies; ballerinas; soccer balls and happy faces) to "Fancy" (designer-inspired bows, squares and scalloped circles)... "Far-out" (peace signs) to "Faith" (crosses) "Fleur de lis's" and "Philanthropic" (breast cancer awareness ribbons) ...
From "Flirty" (hearts), "Skulls" and forthcoming "Haute Holiday" (Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah,...) to "Fab Phrases" (inspirational-printed phrases) and "For-Your-Event" (custom-printed) collections, etc.  Our sliders are hand-adorned with top-quality Swarovski® crystals &/or are hand-painted...  Each charm slider is hand-made "jewelry" and touches at least 10 hands of USA artisans.  Each slider is hand-filed before it is sold.

Hand-made in the USA.  Many of our slider styles are replicated (reduced or enlarged) and hand-adorned onto Haute Things, Inc matching-themed Earrings, Necklaces, Rings & Baubled BobbiesYou'll never waste time finding earrings to match your necklace!

                        "See me grow!" Eco-Friendly Plantable Paper Product Tags Grow Wildflowers

Most of our product sets are attached to our signature "See me grow!" eco-friendly plantable paper product tags, embedded with seeds that grow wildflowersTag-planting Instructions:

1.  Place the Fashion FLEXY® or Haute Things, Inc tag into a shallow bowl of water.  
2.  Set it in a sunny spot in your home. 
3.  Keep it moist each day; yet, don't drown the tag. 
4.  7-10 days later, watch the tag germinate/sprout. 
5.  Plant the tag like you would a "small plant" -- in a pot of soil or in a garden. 
6.  Watch it grow into wildflowers
You may also plant the tag directly into soil; then water it and watch it grow.  Yet, our manufacturer recommends the 6-step protocol. Caveat:  Due to hand-made custom paper-making process, not all tags have viable seeds that sprout.  Tags typically contain 1-5 seeds. 



                          The Evolution of Fashion FLEXY® and Haute Things, Inc. ™ Product Line

Leezette's inspiration stemmed from three sources:   Her favorite fashion accessory designers, her 19 and 22 year-old fashion-conscious nieces during their 2009 visit with her in OC, and Los Angeles, CA FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) college orientation day with her nephew…

One day, from their morning stroll along Newport Beach until their evening fancy dinner, Leezette and her nieces sported their boring, black, thin elastics on their wrists and ponytails.  Their dull elastics not only detracted from their stylish attire, but also left them with sore wrists, wrinkled and ripped hair.  

You may relate to their other five couture challenges:  

1.  Hunting for matching hair and fashion accessories to complement your outfit is a tedious time-waster before school, college, work, dates and formal events. 

2.  After being laid off, Leezette’s shopping spree days with her favorite fashion accessory designers -- Chanel, Tiffany, Roberto Coin, & David Yurman -- were OVERMany gals crave “retail therapy” alternatives to satiate their appetites for expensive design accessories.      

3.  Inexpensive hair accessories and jewelry often break or tarnish within a short time.     

4.  Many gals adore bracelets, but struggle to attach the clasps.  Many desire the "bangle," but not the clanking "bang" of bangles.

5.  Standard black and brown bulky belts often serve the purpose of simply filling in pant belt loops.  Instead, gals need colorful, stretchy, sleek-and-chic “waist ties” to prettify their pant loops and waists…

The following day, the three gals designed their first prototypes of Fashion FLEXY® hair tie/bracelets, headbands, waist ties and ringsBy January, 2010, Leezette enhanced the FLEXYs® to make them more multiFUNctional and interchangeable…

For the next 23 months, she designed and invented over 50 sweet-&-chic charm slider motifs (each with 1 to 6 stone colors &/or hand-painted color choices... 187+ total sliders) to slip onto the FLEXYs®.  Then, she replicated those designs to create matching-themed baubled bobbies, earrings and necklaces.  Over 25 collections to match your mood, personality and outfit.

                                  Fashion Meets FUNction and "Get Your FLEXY® on!" Monthly Contest


Now you can toss your trite, thin boring elastics that wrinkle and rip your hair, hurt your wrist and detract from your outfit.  Keep a FLEXY® hair tie “on hand” instead!  It’s your modern-day fashionable alternative to those passé thin elastics and frumpy “Scrunchie.” 

Our Fashion FLEXY® hair ties are also t-shirt/sunglass/wrist-worthy and more…
Your tee or tank goes from drab-to-fab, when you tie-one-on as a tidy tie-back.  Cinch it closer for a whole new look.

Jeepers!  Your peepers will love their FLEXY® cleaning.  Just swipe it over their lenses for an instant clean sweep.

Prettify your pant loops or tie around your waist to cinch your blouse closer for a haute new look with our FLEXY® waist ties.   



Your 4-Legged Friends will bow, wow & meow, when they’re rockin’ their 4-Legged Friend FLEXYs®. They’ll never be tardy for the pawdy!                                      

Our fashion gems are perfect for gals of all ages to proudly flaunt all day, from work-to-play... from gym to runway.  E-mail us for customized “For-Your-Event or “For-Your-Business” FLEXYs®. 

Our product line is continually evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing haute styles of today.

Please click onto our Look Book page for ideas on how you can “Get your FLEXY® on!”  Please POST your own favorite FLEXY® photos via our Facebook link: "LIKE" & spread the LIKE w/ your peeps   Each month, one lucky photo entrant wins FLEXY®-of-the-month or Haute Things, Inc jewelry.

Registered Trademark, Corporate Mission, Charity-Driven


Our inventor filed the Fashion FLEXY® trademark in January, 2010 and by January, 2011, it became an official registered trademark.  Our sliders and jewelry are engraved with trade-marked logos on the back.  She is working on patents for her line.

Our corporate mission:  Haute things at cool prices.  Made in the USA…in the most eco-friendly and philanthropic way.

This includes our signature "See me grow!" seeded, plantable paper tags that grow wildflowers, as well as our lead-free and cadmium-free metal in our metal products! 

Good karma is always in style.  We reach beyond fashion designs and trends to proudly support several charities such as American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation and Goodwill Industries' Micro Enterprises Program, etc.  Leezette aspires to launch a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Foundation.      




                                                  USA vs. Overseas Manufacturing




Commencing in January, 2010, we began designing small charm sliders to slip onto the FLEXYs® and appliqués to affix to them.  Originally, our first rhinestone slider prototypes -- the crown, skull, fleur de lis, flower, anchor and peace sign -- were manufactured overseas.  Although our vendors alleged that our original prototypes were "lead and cadmium-free,” lead tests contradicted their claims.  The overseas manufacturers also could not offer "lead-free" and the most brilliant, higher-end sparkly Swarovski® crystals and rhodium plating (for longevity to prevent tarnishing) we required.

To ensure this type of strict quality control, we mandate that are sliders & jewelry are manufactured in the USA.  We spent 16 months to find the best USA manufacturer.  Although our production cost quadruples from that of the overseas quoted prices, most of our line retails for under $25.00 per piece.  We fancy that Haute Things, Inc™ is the first in the USA to offer over 187 lead-free and cadmium-free metal chic charm sliders with matching-themed baubled bobbies, earrings, necklaces, waist ties & rings. 

                                             Swarovski® Crystal Stones & Small Parts WARNING


Our designs are hand-adorned with the highest quality stones available on the market -- Swarovski® crystals and/or are hand-painted.  Some motifs are with extra sparkly iridescent "AB" (Aurora Borealis) stones.  AB, chalk white & jet hematite are specialty Swarovski® stones and slightly more expensive than clear crystal stones.  Virtually, all lower and higher-end rhinestones -- regardless of the quality, country and manufacturing source -- contain some traces of lead.  Stones and ornaments in most of today’s jewelry and garments are considered “small parts.” WARNING:  Children under 3 shall not swallow to avoid choking hazards.

                                                        Add Some Magic to Your Life

Our designs are quite "magical" & addictive.  Whether you're a tween, teen, or adult, you'll light up like a Christmas tree when they are in your presence.  Our ‘lil gems will add flair to the wearer's hair and outfit.  Collect, trade or gift Fashion FLEXY® and Haute Things, Incaccessories, to add some magic to your or your loved one’s lives.

Made in the USA..
Flaunt all day, from work-to-play,
"Get your FLEXY® on!"
"When you're haute, you're hot!"

Fashionably yours,