ANCHOR Sapphire: "Sea Patriotic" Set

Stay nautical chic with our seafaring Anchors.  P.S. Yes! Seagull is "Getting her FLEXY® on!" in pic #2.  She is holding Anchor set in her beak!  Swarovski® stone Anchor Charm... In form of slider on Hair Tie (Pony)/Bracelet FLEXY®.  (NOTE: Metallic & Prints cost more than Solid FLEXYs®.) Shop Earrings & Necklaces to match.)
Comes w/ plantable paper tag that grows
wildflowersAlert us @ check-out, if you prefer our To: __ From: __ plantable paper gift tag.
Click below to buy Bracelet/Hair Tie 3-Pack.  $19.

Vendor: Hand Made in the USA Type: Hair Ties Bracelets
3 HAIR TIES (PONY): Sapphire Anchor on Silver w/ Pomegranate & Midnight Blue "Sea Patriotic" FLEXYs® $19