Build Your Own FUNKY METALLIC Hair Tie (Ponytail)/Bracelet COLLECTION

Choose your flav-orite Funky Metallic FLEXYs® from a rainbow of 16+ colors in "Skinny" (approx. 3/8" wide), Regular (5/8" wide) & "Phat Fat" (3/4" wide)...

  • Only $3.00 per FLEXY® Hair Tie (Ponytail)/Bracelet!
  • Collect them all to match every outfit.
  • Click drop-down menu below to choose 1 to all 16 colors (Skinny, Regular & Fat).
  • BUILD-YOUR-OWN!  Rock it plain or bling it out.  Click here to add our patent-pending Charm Sliders!
  • (For dealios on sets, click Collections here: Funky & Hair Ties/Bracelets... NO CHARMS or With CHARMS.)
  • "Get your FLEXY® on!"
Vendor: Fashionflexy Type: Metallic hair ties