FLEUR DE LIS Clear Stone: Hair Tie & Headband FLEXY® 6-Packs

A fave for many in France, England, USA (especially Haute Things, Inc founder) & spiritual folks due to its holy trinity affiliation, the Fleur de Lis ("Flower of the Lily").  Fleur de Lis charm is in the form of a slider on the FLEXY®.  Shop Earrings, Necklaces & Waist Ties to mix-&-match or Collection Fleur de Lis to buy the full ensemble!  Comes w/ plantable paper tag that grows wildflowers!  Alert us @ check-out, if you prefer our To: ____ From: ____ plantable paper gift tag.
If purchased separately:  $39.00

Vendor: Hand Made in the USA Type: Hair Accessory
HAIR TIES & HEADBANDS: Clear Stone Fleur de Lis on Raspberry w/ Lemon & Sugar "Miami" FLEXYs® $35.00