FLEXY and SPF ADDICT COLLAB: LOVE Hair Ties in Bling Heart and SPF-Infused Gloves

Click here by 2/2/14 11:59 p.m. PST to enter to win "LOVE YOUR HAIR & HANDS" Fashion FLEXY®/SPF Addict/Razzle Dazzle Styles blog collab:  Prettify and protect your pony and wrist with no-damage LOVE 5-Pack FLEXY® hair ties (pony)/bracelets (inside *bling Heart Ornament) and SPF ADDICT fashion gloves. SPF-infused fingerless gloves are perfect for gel mani, driving, post mole removal, texting in cold and to spruce up your outfit.
*FLEXYs® are tucked inside small Heart Hollow Ornament.
(Click open & closed.  Size approx:  3" w x 3" h.  Adorned with stones around perimeter). Perfect for Valentine’s Day, b-days, showers, stocking stuffer, holiday tree ornament, Bat Mitzvas, party favors,...
$61 VALUE. 
(To purchase LOVE 5-Pack FLEXYs® in Heart, click below.)

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