CUPCAKE Pink Multi-Stone: Baubled Bobbies

Cupcake couture!  Multi-colored Swarovski® stone Flower Baubles (Charms)... Hand-painted in pink & white & adorned to hand-painted rainbow Bobbies.  Add them to your FLEXY® headband for extra fun & hold.  (Shop Headbands, Earrings, Necklaces, Hair Tie/Bracelets & Waist Ties to add or Collections Fun to buy full ensemble.)
Comes w/ plantable paper tag that grows wildflowersAlert us @ check-out, if you prefer our To: ___ From: ___ plantable paper gift tag.
Set of 2 for right & left side of head: $22.
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Vendor: Hand Made in the USA Type: Hair Accessory
BAUBLED BOBBIES: Pink Cupcake Baubles on Rainbow Bobbies $22