ZEBRA Black/Beige: & "ZooZebra" FLEXY® 6 or 3-Pack

Unleash your wild side.  Safari Chic Zebra Print adds tribal flair to your 'do, wrist & duds... Add our signature square prongless buckle slider (from our Fancy Slider Collection or on drop-down below) to bling it up a notch.  Add Earrings, Necklaces, Baubled Bobbies & Waist Ties.
Comes w/ plantable paper tag that grows wildflowers! Alert us @ check-out, if you prefer our To: __ From: __ plantable paper gift tag.
Click drop-down menu below to buy 6-Pak w/o clear slider: $17.  6-Pak w/ clear square slider: $41.
Or individual sets starting @ $6.

Vendor: Hand Made in the USA Type: Hair Ties Bracelets