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Fashion FLEXY® Dog Bone Hair Tie
Fashion FLEXY® models with Bow, Circle, Fleur de Lis hair tie/bracelets, headbands, earrings, rings
Fashion FLEXY® Yoga STUD charmed Hair Tie Bracelets
Fashion FLEXY® model with BOW charmed FLEXY® hair tie/bracelets, ring
Fashion FLEXY® model with Cupcake + Happy Face charmed FLEXY® Hair Ties, Bracelets, Necklace
Fashion FLEXY® FIDM Hair Tie Bracelets
Fashion FLEXY®  Hair Tie Bracelets Hawaiian Flower

How do you "Get your FLEXY® on?"


1. "I Get my FLEXY® on, as a bracelet/hair tie.  My favorite is the Bow charm FLEXY® with matching Bow ring. I get compliments all the time," per Sonya.

2. "I wear my Fashion FLEXY as a hair tie and bracelet. I like the interchangeability, when I need an "emergency" hair tie, it's already on my wrist." per Shari. 

3. "I Get my FLEXY on with your headbands, to wrap around boxed gifts.  The bow knot looks cute as a ribbon, and it doubles as a headband." per Lois.

4.  "I Get my FLEXY on by flaunting multiple charmed FLEXYs on my wrist.  My go-to faves are the Owl, Fleur de Lis, Circle and Bow Fashion FLEXYs®. I've gifted FLEXYs to 8+ peeps." per Zann.

5. "I get my FLEXY on with my favorite Breast Cancer Awareness hair tie/bracelet. I like supporting Breast Cancer Awareness," per Aubrey.

6. "I get my FLEXY on with your Anchor charm hair/tie bracelet.  I wear it as my go-to for sailing." per Priscilla

7.  "I get my FLEXY on with my favorite Dog Bone charm FLEXY. I wear it as a good luck charm at dog shows." per Deb.

8. "My dog gets her FLEXY on" with the pink Dog Bone FLEXY hair tie." per Lisa. 

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